WINDBOX+OKVIR The best solution for  most data on their computer or phone. Looking forward to the  beekepers, surfers, hang glidersparagliders,   modellers, meteorologists, farmers, etc. Cheap box provides detailed information on weight, temperature, moisture, wind speed and direction, rain. The  device easy to insert sim card, connect the sensors to it, plug it in and you can track the information on the Internet.











Automatic weather stations have made our lives better. Not only does it save time but also to protect our lives. They are indispensable in adrenaline sports such as hang gliding and paragliding. The users have any time  information of the wind.The first station is 20 years old and still working. Most are positioned in Slovenia, but it is also Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden, Estonia, Israel, etc.. Some report data just over the phone, while others send the data to the Internet.

graf skytech